So what do actually you do?

Aside from our various day jobs, we want to help make the process of donating supplies easier to do. It may be confusing or difficult to figure out how to get your donations to where they will be used, so that’s where we step in. We have contacted several local hospitals including TMC, Saint Luke’s, Liberty, and HCA affiliates to determine what the donation process is and how they are accepting items. We are able to pick up items from your home and distribute them to the various hospitals, and we are more than glad to provide that information to you if you would like to donate directly.

What hospitals are getting these resources?

We are collecting PPE for the entire KC healthcare community but are working with local hospitals.

Do I get a tax return on my donation?

We are not a 501(c) organization and therefore are unable to provide documentation for tax returns. If you would like a donation receipt we are more than glad to help you contact your hospital of choice to work directly with them.

After I donate, how will I know my equipment was used?

While we are unable to track every individual item donated, we are posting updates on our social media platforms. If you have indicated that you are ok with being publicly thanked, we would love to share your generosity with everyone!

Can I donate hand-sewn facemasks?

Yes and no. There is a lack of consensus from the health care community regarding the utility and safety of cloth masks as PPE. For simplicity we currently are not accepting hand-sewn cotton/cloth facemasks however we do have information on organizations that will accept them. We are working on a project to create and provide hand-sewn blue wrap masks which are better at filtrating particles. If you are crafty please check out our alternative PPE section.

I don’t have PPE to give, but can I donate any money to help?

Thank you for being generous, however we are not accepting monetary donations or other resources beyond those we have listed on our website. We do have a list of some local organizations that do need your help. If there’s any other local organizations that need help, please let us know!

Can I do anything else?

Spread the word! Anyone who is working in organizations/businesses including manufacturing, engineering, research labs, corporations, restaurants, technical schools, public schools and facilities, and so many more areas may have access to PPE that they are currently not utilizing.

There are also other needs of our community that we are also participating in and spreading the word about and we encourage who can help to participate!